Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I start the Game on the Seventh Continent?
  2. I have recurrent technical problems. What shall I do?
  3. Can I participate for free?
  4. Do I have virtual currency when I begin my business?
  5. Do I have real currency credit when I start my business?
  6. Why should I trade in real currency?
  7. Can I do business in both currencies?
  8. Can I exchange virtual currency for real currency?
  9. Are there fixed prices for products or services?
  10. Do I have a separate account for my company and for myself? How does it work?
  11. What is a Bitcoin account on Seventh Continent? Do I receive one automatically?
  12. How can I withdraw Bitcoins I earned on Seventh Continent?
  13. How does it work when a company has more than one owner?
  14. Who runs the business when a company has more than one owner?
  15. Why is it advantageous to create a company with multiple owners?
  16. What is a transaction on the Seventh Continent?
  17. Can I transfer money to another participant?
  18. Can I register a company for free?
  19. Is there any advantage to operate a company in BTC?
  20. Does my company have maintenance costs?
  21. Can I place ads on my company's building or in the windows of my business?
  22. How do I choose an activity for my business?
  23. Can I choose more than one activity for my company?
  24. Can I own more than one company?
  25. Can I upgrade, enlarge, and/or boost the efficiency of my company?
  26. Can I select the name of an existing corporation for my company?
  27. Should I have an address in the City?
  28. Where do I buy or sell raw materials, products and services? How does it work?
  29. Can I withdraw an offer I placed on the Market?
  30. Am I allowed to transfer any goods between my companies without having to place an offer on the Market?
  31. Is it possible to transfer products between participants as a gift?
  32. What happens to my company if I do not carry out any business transactions for a certain period of time?
  33. Can I sell my company?
  34. Can I rent or own real estate in the City of the Seventh Continent?
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