START ACCEPTING MONEY, CREATE YOUR BUSINESS IN BITCOIN TODAY! Become a Bitcoin entrepreneur, join the new world of Bitcoin economy now! or CREATE A COMPANY PRODUCE TRADE MAKE PROFIT CASH OUT OR REINVEST Multiple incomes Profit

You make profit on the Market directly by selling your digital products.

Multiple companies

Multiply your profit! Run as many companies as you can.


As a shareholder of a multiple-owner company, you are paid dividends.


When your friend creates a company in Bitcoin you will be credited by us automatically with 0.33 BTC, each time friends of your friend register their company in Bitcoin you receive 0.07 BTC, and 0.05 BTC on subsequent level.

Become a marketer

When selling a branded digital product you are credited 50% of ad fees each time!

Become a shareholder

No need to register your own company. Simply buy shares in an existing business and enjoy dividends.

Safe business environment Bitcoin

Use a secure Bitcoin wallet. Free Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal. All transactions on the Market are on our secure server.


We only keep personal data you provided us. Our Privacy Policy protects you from illicit use of your data.

DDoS and SSL

Our servers are protected against DDoS attacks. Seventh Continent uses SSL assymetric cryptography.


Credit your account through our Operator's e-commerce service: secure, fast, easy. Withdraw profit to your Bitcoin wallet: next day pay-out, no charges.

Easy registration Free registration

Registration to Seventh Continent Market is free. If you want to make profit, register a company in Bitcoin and start trading.


You have the choice to provide us as much information as you wish. The email provided at registration cannot be changed.


More than hundred different types of companies to choose from. Visit P&S Chart for more details. Comprehensive data available for different activities and budgets.

Resources Purchase resources

Your company needs 7 resources in order to produce digital goods you will trade on the Market.

Production Produce

Your company produces 5 products or services. Visit the Product & Service Chart for more details.

Digital goods

Goods are digital products stored, delivered and used in electronic format having a value expressed in Bitcoin.


Upgrade your company. Step to the next level and produce 10% more for the same quantity of resources used on previous level.

Depot management Rent or buy real estate

You will rent or purchase real estate to deposit your resources and products.

Depot size

10 different sizes are available: room, condominium, house, warehouse, compound, barn, hangar, land, port and industrial park.


Digital goods have different sizes, so your business requires varied depot capacity.

Free Market 24/7

The market is restricted by supply and demand as well as inherent microeconomic rules.


The Seventh Continent Market is totally independent and transparent; its economy is fine-tuned.

Fair play

"One Market One Trading" model means no OTC trading, no credit risk, no scams, no cheating possible. It also prevents monopolistic positions and stealth or fraudulent second market transactions.

Prices User influence prices

Prices on the Market are shaped by you and the other users.


The bigger your companies, the more influence you have on prices.


Consult comprehensive statistics and analytics of the Market before purchasing digital goods for your company.

Portfolio Strategy

Enlarge your portofolio, create different businesses to participate on different levels of the production chain.

Positioning your company

Strengthen your business upgrade your companies (up to 10 levels), speculate on prices, create stocks and use them wisely.

The sky is the limit Profit

Profit you make on the Market can be withdrawn to your Bitcoin wallet at any time without fees. Next day pay-out.

Money Cash Out or Reinvest

You are free to decide whether you reinvest profit you made on Seventh Continent Market or cash out in Bitcoin to any Bitcoin wallet.

SIGNUP YOUR FRIENDS! Send a link to your friends: When your friend creates a company in Bitcoin you will be credited by us automatically with 0.33 BTC, each time friends of your friend register their company in Bitcoin you receive 0.07 BTC, and 0.05 BTC on subsequent level. The Sponsorship affiliate program works up to three levels. This is a nice way to tell you thanks for bringing in new traders. This referral system is made to allow you to increase your income by inviting new members and offset the registration fee you paid when registering your virtual company or even get you back in the black! REVIEWED BY COINTELEGRAPH BUY INTO THE PROFIT OF SEVENTH CONTINENT LTD! The smart way to invest your Bitcoins. Profit sharing units of Seventh Continent Ltd. are available for sale on Havelock Investments Bitcoin Venture Capital Fund, a Bitcoin denominated fund exchange ahead of new developments of Seventh Continent. Following developments new marketplaces will be open for regional businesses in 2014. Units issued on Havelock Investments do not represent equity ownership in the Seventh Continent Ltd. corporate entity. The units are solely a distribution mechanism for rights to profit expressed in Bitcoin generated by the Seventh Continent digital commodities exchange and Market. You can also trade Seventh Continent units on the Havelock Fund Exchange. NO & YES No chance involved
No gambling
No prefixed high returns
No brokerage
No charges on profit
No charges on dividend
No hidden costs or commissions
No scams
No fake IPOs
No boiler rooms
No credit risks
No OTC trading
No regulatory clearances
Free Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal
Exchange Bitcoin for free
Cash flow under your control
Always solvent
Fair competition
Skill-based game
Useful business analytics
We charge 0.7% on transactions when selling units on the Market or sending money within the Game.
Company registration for 1 BTC or for free with Sponsorship affiliate program.
WHAT IS BITCOIN? Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system introduced as open source software in 2009 and the payments in the system are recorded in a public ladger using its own unit of account, which is also called Bitcoin, a digital currency. Bitcoins are created as a reward for payment processing work in which users offer their computing power to verify and record payments into the public ladger. Called mining, individuals or companies engage in this activity in exchange for transaction fees and newly created bitcoins. besides mining, bitcoins can be obtained in exchange for fiat money, products, and services. Users can send and recieve bitcoins elctronically for an optional transaction fee using wallet software on a personal computer, mobile device, or a web application. FAQ CONTACT US COMMUNITY FOLLOW US © Copyright 2010 Seventh Continent Ltd. All rights reserved.